If you wish there was a way that’s fun and exciting to motivate yourself! Then, Yes Sing for yourself or listen to someone singing, be it songs or country music, every music and song has its own soft touch we need to just take time to unwind and relax, because music connects with life and just as an Unforgettable friend or loved one is always under our skin.

Music may have existed for at least 50,000 years ago but the first music? None of us have a concrete connection to the exact place or time the first music was combined by historians.

The very word music is derived from the Greek word Mousike, today music is so intense that many people cannot live without music, you just have to open your mind and let the lyrics and words mean something.

Many of us sing for pleasure, comfort, ritual, education or Professionals.

There are many genres of music classified such as Rock, Classical, Rap, Folk and Pop to name a few. The people who write music do this with a purpose, and every attempt to write a song has a story or memory attached to it. You just need an Open mind and Heart to let the music reach your soul and appreciate it! There is no limit to music genres and there are so many different kinds of music that we are exposed to these days, each song writer or musician has a different idea and style which reflects in his/her songs and music.

Given a chance try and explore music and songs from different countries, I am sure you would be surprised to see how times and people have changed over the generations, and how to sing in tune the music has transformed according to everyone’s taste and so remember to embrace the variety of music and that’s the beauty of it.