Businesses often suffer from many faults. Tiny, small faults in consideration to the rest of the business, until they creep up and sweep a business off its feet (not in the romantic kind of way). But they are there, and most businesses don’t correct them.

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One fault is the lack of a proper frame of mind. By monetizing, overanalyzing and compulsively pursuing a single aspect of marketing, a business owner can easily lose track of what’s actually important: the big picture. SEO is a good example – it’s an important tool, but without consideration to its role in the present and future of the business, it can become something businesses become obsessed with. The industry doesn’t help. Like any old marketing term, SEO has become a buzzword.

Ranking Is One Thing – Good Business Is Another

The difference between selling a product and an idea is that a good salesman builds rapport with their customer at all times, in every stage of the transaction, including after it is complete. It’s not about the money to be made from a single sale, but the money that client will bring in through their continued enthusiasm and loyalty to the business. That’s the end-goal of a long line of preparatory aspects, of which SEO is just one.

While page rank is important for the purpose of being seen, what’s more important is that the content is formulated in a way that it appeals and interests customers. Not for the purpose of selling a product, but for the purpose of fostering an authority with the reader, because a sense of factuality and reliability tells the audience the business is an expert in its field.

That’s where an influence marketing agency comes in.